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Metro AG, otherwise known as Metro Group, is a German global diversified retail and wholesale/cash and carry group. Metro Türkiye participated to Sirha -the rallying point for the food service and hotel industry worldwide- as a exhibitor, thus became the owner of a display area.

Our goal was to communicate, local and organic foods on the exhibit area and build an interaction between the visitors and the brand assets.

The idea was to install interactive light balls to the brand area, which were produced by an inventor agency from England. Light balls were shining as they hugged them and each were representing an organic food.


Event Marketing

Concept development


Design, fabrication and installing structures at specific indoor or outdoor venues

Digital Kiosk Application Design

Design and development

Making the most of your exhibition stand involves focusing on two key things; attracting visitors to your stand and interacting with them once they are there. If you get it right you can expect new connections, increased conversions and plenty of new business leads.


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