T okyo is an independent branding and design agency that brings fresh ideas and great creative that drives your business forward.

We are specialized in branding, design and digital +building effective and committed teams for brand needs as packaging or environment production, – we always bring top professionals to our team for your projects.

From consumer goods to start-up companies, our clients are the rare breed, the disruptors—the ones who in invest in time and quality. Well, they are right, who wants to get lost in complex organizations of conventional agencies?


Commitment & Flexibility

We are quick and flexible because we’re not tied by heavy rules. +so we can easily adapt to your directions. We offer you the option to create dedicated services, tailored to your needs.

Time Management & Hard Work

Bigger means more processes, more approvals, more signatures needed, more levels of authority, and more roadblocks. We are small. We do not have a team of 20 people to collect our backs. So we are conscious of our time management. We take it fast and at its best.

Senior Team

We are a senior team. You always work with decision makers. So we always offer the right answers with the right planning.