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451 Derece is a communication agency specialising in social issues. Theywork with brands, governments and charities.

Why is corporate identity important for 451 Derece? Because when implemented consistently it helps create a ‘company’ brand that is instantly recognisable and remembered by an audience.

Although the logo design sits under their corporate identity, the term reaches far beyond this visual icon to encompass everything from stationery to social media assets, office items to team uniforms, invitation cards to product packaging.


Brand Design

Tagline, logo design, brand guideline, corporate items

Identity Design

Notebook, pen, phone case, mug and other

Promotional Design

Packaging, invitation card and other


An organisation’s reputation – it’s Corporate Brand Identity as well as certain elements of its corporate branding and reputations are important marketing assets.

Customers will make a connection with a strong corporate identity by subconsciously altering consumers’ perception about a business and the value that this business offers.



Corporate identity is increasingly seen as a collection of visual elements, color schemes, symbols, words and designs that make a visual representation of what the business stands for.

And as such visual identity is one of the dominant elements of corporate identity. It is the one element that is most visible to the customers.


The consistent design of a corporate identity, in accordance with objectives set for the business, uphold and reflect the ethos, culture, principles, future ambitions, or visionary goals of the business.

Customers who find this to be in accordance with their philosophy and liking feel connected to this image and are more likely to develop loyalty to the business.