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The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world, but that sentence doesn’t give us the answer of that one question: What?

Aside from all the benefits of infographics, they also do a great job at providing the most important message across –What does your company / organisation do?

Here, with the World Bank infographics and videographics we clarified the picture of the organization by answering these questions :

What is your history?

What makes your company special?

What are its core values?

What are your goals?


Data Design

Preparing and visualizing information

Infographic Design

Modular design for all media types

Video Design

Animation and music development



Data visualization enables decision makers to see analytics presented visually, so they can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns.


You have an opportunity to draw devoted people by rethinking the way you express your organisation’s or company’s core value.