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DEBUNK is an İstanbul based design brand, founded in 2015, strongly sticked to “Wear your opinion” practice and inspired by the right to protest – focuses on printed silk scarves. Thanks to its success, brand had the opportunity to make sales at prestigious stores like Beymen.

DEBUNK is the personal project of Irem Erman, the founder of TOKYO. Today, DEBUNK is only available in the US.


Brand Design

Logo design, tag line, brand guideline

Product Design

Silk scarf, patch designs, postcards and packaging design

Communication Design

e-commerce management, social media management and assets like brand videos, catalogues, in-store stands, print ads and fashion photography

Consistent at every design material

You don’t need multiple agencies to manage your design needs. Why make it harder? Having a core design agency managing all of your design needs leaves less chance for things to fall through the cracks and it makes it more manageable on your end to ensure things are completed on time and in the right look and feel.



Our work for DEBUNK was vary from Web services; such as Web design, Web development, e-commerce, to branding; brand identity design, brand management, logo design as well as package and label design.


Instore / Stand