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Questions is a mobile startup, -developed an application that let’s social media users to create super short question videos to increase follower interaction.

To be considered effective, a mobile app branding strategy must be able to convey what your app is all about and what it stands for. Always tell your app is fun to use + the utility value to the customer.

After finishing the brand identitiy and mobile application itself, we supported the company’s presence with a PR focused launch campaign –which is a creative direct mailing campaign- targeted top 25 technology influencers from all over the world.


Brand Design

Logo design, tag line, brand guideline

Mobile Interface Design

UX & interface design

Campaign Design

Launch campaign

Despite contrary belief, direct mail marketing is not dead. In fact, with companies focusing on digital marketing efforts, it is still a very powerful tool for specific audiences. +Direct mail marketing is still as effective as digital when strategically implemented.

In this case, we have designed a direct mailing campaign for the launch of our client’s mobile application startup -which has a ‘questions’ concept- and asked our target audience questions through different items –pepperoni pizza delivery was the best!



Even with simple shirts or clothing in general, the marketing potential is great because they are worn by individuals anywhere and everywhere, exposing your brand more.


The very first draft wireframe of the mobile application.